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Guilds and Groups in Caid

The Academy of Equestrian Arts

The mission of the Academy of Equestrian Arts shall be to promote and facilitate equestrian activities in the Kingdom of Caid.

The goal of the Academy shall be to recreate the skill and pageantry of equestrian arts in common use by persons of gentle birth within the Period as defined in the Corpora. The Academy shall be composed of all persons interested and active in equestrian arts in the Kingdom of Caid.

The Academy shall be governed by a Board of Regents numbering up to five, nominated by the Academy, and approved by the Crown. These Regents are to be a source of information and expertise in equestrian arts within and without the SCA. The Regents will select one of their number as Minister to administer the Academy.

A staff of officers shall support the Academy: the Secretary, the Exchequer, the Chronicler, and the Sexton.

For information about Equestrian Activities in the Kingdom of Caid, go to

The Circle of Bards

The Penbard is .

The Deputy Penbard or Harskald is .

The Collegium Caidis Music, Bardic, Performing Arts Regent is .

The Circle of Bards Online:
   Yahoo Group Email:
   To Subscribe:
   List Maintainer: The Honorable .

Bardic Circles: All are welcome, poets - singers- tellers of tales... Bardic Circles are often organized at individual events, Many Local Groups hold regular Bardic Circles. Contact , or .

Musical Groups:

  1. The Phoenix Players: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to play period music.
  2. The Phoenix Singers: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to sing period music.
  3. Darach Madrigali: Madrigal Singing Group: Master Sean Vuibhearn
  4. LyonSong: Period Music Choral group in Lyondemere, Contact: Baroness Eden McNab Sommerhawke.

Word-Fame is the Kingdom Newsletter for the Circle of Bards. Contact for more information.

The Chronicles of Crown Tourneys is the bi-annual collection of poems written by poets throughout the Kingdom in honor of those who have fought in Crown Tourney. New Poets always encouraged! For more information please contact .

Publications and Sales are overseen by

The Guildmaster is .

There are several regional groups:

The Inland Empire Branch includes the Shire of Heatherwyne and the Barony of Dreiburgen. Please contact .

The Angels Branch includes the Barony of Angels.

The Dun Or Branch includes the Barony of Dun Or.

The Over the Hill Branch includes the Shire of Wintermist.

The Lyondemere Branch includes the Barony of Lyondemere.

The purpose of this Guild is to promote the clay arts through education. All facets of the clay arts will be happily discussed at meetings, Collegiums, Wars and various events (both Kingdom and non) through the Kingdom of CAID.

The Guild's official start was May 11, 1999, our first meeting happening at Altavia Anniversary. Since then, the Guild has sponsored numerous classes, meetings, and has donated items to various Barony's, fund-raisers and to their Majesties largess. Currently there are roughly 40 members both in and out of CAID.

For information about the Potters Guild in the Kingdom of Caid, or to join the Guilds' mailing list, email .
Clan Blue Feather
The primary reason for the establishment of Blue Feather, and for its continued existence is education: to encourage and facilitate research on homosexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and to teach other members of the Society about homosexuality in the Current Middle Ages. We also exist as a social organization, to facilitate interaction among the members of the Society, especially those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

For other information or meeting schedule contact
The College of Heralds
We meet every month on various Sundays at the home of the Crescent Principal Herald. The house is open at 9 am for research and submission preparation; the meeting begins at 11 am; lunch is potluck. Anyone interested in heraldry is welcome to attend. Contact the Crescent Principal Herald for the meeting schedule.
The Acadamy of Archers - The Regent of Archers is
The Academy's purpose is to encourage competition and learning in archery and related arts.

The Caidan Academy of Thrown Weapons - The Regent is

The Right Noble Company of Clothiers
The Right Noble Company of Clothiers is a medieval and Renaissance costuming interest group in the Kingdom of Caid. For details please visit their website or contact .
The Right Noble Guild of St. Genesius deals with all aspects of theater. It holds a business meeting on the 1st Monday of each month, and a workshop on the 3rd Monday. For more details please contact the Guildmaster, .

The Right Noble Metalworkers' Guild of Caid: for questions or to be added to the mailing list, please contact the Honorable , (please use 'Guild' in the subject line).

The Middle Eastern Guild: The Middle Eastern Guild: for those interested in the Middle Eastern arts of music, dance and research, please contact Baron Randwulf de la Terre d'Ete as a contact for the Middle Eastern Guild of the Kingdom of Caid, ().

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